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My favorite quote:

Keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

Dunah Mulock Craik

April 1826 - 12 October 1887

Your Clutter Free Journey

Take the first step on your Clutter Free Journey to living a beautiful, clutter free life! On your journey, you will examine your relationship with the stuff in your life and it's impact on your overall well-being. You will learn to make choices over what you invite into your home. The way we feel inside is directly reflected in our living spaces. In turn, our living spaces affect our internal well-being. By making small, steady changes in our living environment, we can change how we feel inside and make our homes a reflection of what is important to us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gratitude and Appreciation

Day 99 of 100

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake earlier this year, I thought a lot about how blessed we are. When you hear about something like this, it is hard to think about anything of material matter, as most of us have so much and those in Haiti have nothing, not even clean water and food. I have thought about this often and wanted to address in the blog. However, talking about purging all our excess in the midst of such tragedy seemed so superficial.

But the more I thought of it, I realized that getting rid of excess, actually helps us to see how blessed and fortunate we truly are. Most who are reading this are wealthy beyond measure. We are in heated homes, with clean running water and food, and hopefully, surrounded by those we love and hold dear.

Holding on to everything we have (when it is no longer useful to us) actually makes us come from a place of want. Whereas, giving with a grateful heart and letting go with love and kindness, opens are eyes and heart to appreciate all we really have. It gives us perspective on what is truly important in our lives. When you look at and recognize that stuff is stuff, it all seems so silly and irrelevant. Hanging on to an old pair of skis that we will never use again, seems crazy, especially when there are people who don't know when their next meal will be.

With breath of kindness, gratitude and appreciation let the clutter go!

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