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Keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

Dunah Mulock Craik

April 1826 - 12 October 1887

Your Clutter Free Journey

Take the first step on your Clutter Free Journey to living a beautiful, clutter free life! On your journey, you will examine your relationship with the stuff in your life and it's impact on your overall well-being. You will learn to make choices over what you invite into your home. The way we feel inside is directly reflected in our living spaces. In turn, our living spaces affect our internal well-being. By making small, steady changes in our living environment, we can change how we feel inside and make our homes a reflection of what is important to us.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Day 91 of 100

Is there a chore you really dread doing? What about it do you dislike? Can you pinpoint exactly why you don't like doing it? How long do you think it takes you to do it “well enough”?

Really put some thought into this. See if any of the following could be applied to you and your dreaded chore:

*We can choose to think about it differently/re-frame it, approaching it with an attitude of “choosing' to do it rather than having to.

*Use a timer: Once we know exactly how long the job really takes, often we will find that the chore at hand actually takes significantly less time than we thought it does. Knowing this will make it much more bearable. Set a timer and try and beat the clock. Remember when you were a child and your parents would say they would count while you did something you didn't want to do? It worked then and can work now!

*We can figure out a way to do it differently, making it more manageable or enjoyable. ie: Turn on music and dance, listen to a book on tape or learn a foreign language while cleaning. Call an friend on speaker phone or watch a favorite TV program or movie you have taped while ironing.

*Can steps in the chore be eliminated all together? Are we doing something in a way that wastes time or is inefficient just because that is how we always have done it?

*Can it be done smarter? Think smarter, not harder. So often we could make what we do easier if we put some thought into it.

*We can figure out a way not to do it. Is it a necessary chore like grocery shopping or is it something that could be left undone? Decide what is important to you. Everyone's list will be different. We could figure out how to delegate or trade this chore with a family member or could consider paying someone else to do it.

Very rarely is there nothing that can be done. So rather than mope or procrastinate, put your mind to it and see how you can transform that dreaded chore!

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