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Keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

Dunah Mulock Craik

April 1826 - 12 October 1887

Your Clutter Free Journey

Take the first step on your Clutter Free Journey to living a beautiful, clutter free life! On your journey, you will examine your relationship with the stuff in your life and it's impact on your overall well-being. You will learn to make choices over what you invite into your home. The way we feel inside is directly reflected in our living spaces. In turn, our living spaces affect our internal well-being. By making small, steady changes in our living environment, we can change how we feel inside and make our homes a reflection of what is important to us.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Correspondence and Bills

Day 90 of 100

When it comes time to pay a bill, respond to an invitation or send a letter, do you have everything together in one place to do so quickly and efficiently? Stamps, return address labels, envelopes, stationary, note cards, etc., if all kept together make this job much more manageable and enjoyable.

You are much more likely to jot a note to a far away relative, if everything is together and organized in one place. Where do you normally pay your bills? Can you make a station: a basket, container, box or drawer, the central location for all this paraphernalia? Make it something attractive, preferably something you already own and love but have not know what to do with? Think out side the box: Do you have a pretty crystal or silver bowl that sits in a cupboard that you almost never use? How about that basket you got on your honeymoon that is on the top closet shelf. Come up with a way to incorporate what you love into a task that must get done. Having everything centrally located, in an attractive container that means something to you, really will make a difference. The next time you pay bills, you may even catch yourself smiling!

10 days left in the Clutter Free Challenge! What are you working on?

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