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Keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

Dunah Mulock Craik

April 1826 - 12 October 1887

Your Clutter Free Journey

Take the first step on your Clutter Free Journey to living a beautiful, clutter free life! On your journey, you will examine your relationship with the stuff in your life and it's impact on your overall well-being. You will learn to make choices over what you invite into your home. The way we feel inside is directly reflected in our living spaces. In turn, our living spaces affect our internal well-being. By making small, steady changes in our living environment, we can change how we feel inside and make our homes a reflection of what is important to us.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy Food Week

Day 15 of 100
Every few months, we have a week of crazy mixed up meals. I do this because the pantry and fridge have a funny way of getting filled up. Food gets lost in the back, wasted and unused. So every couple of months, do an inventory of what you have on hand before you do your weekly shopping. Use up what you have as much as possible and see how little you can buy at the store that week. Yes, your meals may be a bit odd and not as nutritionally balanced; however, a week won't hurt anyone. Your kids will think it is funny when you combine unusual items. Use up all the cans/boxes/mixes that keep getting pushed to the back. Make it a goal to free up much of the space in these areas. If while eating this excess, you discover something that wasn't that good, no one really enjoyed it or wasn't good for you in the first place, make a commitment, not to buy it again. Any items that you know will not be consumed give to a local food bank.

p.s. At the end of the week, take a few minutes to wipe down your pantry shelves and clean you refrigerator. It will be easier because it will be decluttered!

Have you found your 10?

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